• In 2012, as Bruno Rezende starts their specialized boutique at Digital Fashion Retouch.

    We’re a collaborative team of retouchers that work and approach each project with equal parts experience and experimentations, and always with “professional eyes” of Bruno Rezende following each job, with high investment in technology and certificates.

    Always looking for each job as a unique and special opportunity to improve our craft and always seeking amazed by the new and talent of our team.

    We are dedicated to Photographers, Artists and Agencies that trust us with our vision and professional skills.

    Av. Doutor Gastão Vidigal - 1132
    Condomínio SOHO - Bloco A - Conj 412

    We have the best partners of the highest technological quality.

    Technology and certificates:

    • CHROMEDOT color proof certificate
    • We work with calibrated EIZO monitors and certified color proofs EPSON 4900.
    • Test with the best print quality, 99% color accuracy.
    • Proof of dimensions 43cm x 30 meters.